Plaša 150cm 420D Oxford audums maskēties iespiests sudraba ūdensnecaurlaidīgus audumus āra teltis, nojume, nojume, apģērba audumi


  • Iepakojuma Lielums: 30cm x 20cm x 3cm (11.81in x 7.87in x 1.18in)
  • Vienības Veids: Skaitītājs
  • Iepakojuma Svars: 0.3kg (0.66lb.)

  • platums: 1.5Metre
  • Materiāls: 100% Poliesters
  • Neausta Technics: Citi
  • Produkta Tips: Citi Audums
  • Veids: Kamuflāžas Audums
  • Zīmola Nosaukums: DONGAITEX
  • Stils: Vienkāršā
  • Technics: Austs
  • auduma platums: 1,5 metriem
  • Iezīme: Anti-Pull
  • Raksts: nospiediet poļu
  • Trikotāžas Tips: Citi

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Thank you for the product. I measure for a weight 175 g/square meter and thikness of 0,22 mm. I tested also its waterproofing and yes, it is waterproof. In hand this fabric feels slippery, but also bit hard and stiff. I would say that this is too stiff for example jackets and thorousers, but works very well where stiff fabric don't bother. I will use this for sleeping mattress and for it, this is perfect. I am 100% happy.
fabric on брала tent. many times before buying связывалась seller quickly and posted on which. fabric is thick, color. to seller floor optional thank you for a metres of cloth. a month пришёл goods. straight brought home. perfectly packaged. отслуживался all the time. seller recommend. order more'll!
Condor 1991
excellent quality, fast delivered.

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